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What We Do

FameNet is a pioneer and the world’s best AI-powered influencer marketing platform that helps brands and influencers to associate, interact and Connect with each other for complete campaign promotion and management on a single platform. We deliver cutting edge data driven tools and solutions powered by AI and blockchain technology by continually analysing and executing ground breaking ideas and practices which provides sustained benefits to our clients and partners.

Exceptional characteristic of our platform is large influencer database as well as extensive and effective smart resources and tools for seamless selection and implementation of brands campaigns. Our platform supports data driven intelligence in campaign selection and execution that enables the next level of marketing equation for brands.

FameNet state of the art technology with ideal algorithm, accurate parameters and authentic metrics enables brands to discover the suitable influencer for creative campaign promotion.

We help brands analyse campaign level metrics, sales, revenues, costs, ROI and real time performance.

Furthermore, the FameNet platform analyses follower interests, identifies fake followers and categorises influencers and users on the basis of their followers, activities and social media content.

Security Partner

Our data protection and privacy features will give you complete peace of mind