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Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer is a person/user on social media platform who has made a reputation, achieved credibility and popularity among their followers by becoming niche expert in a particular industry. They have knowledge and expertise in a specific field of interest like health, technology, fashion and so on. They recommend, share their opinions and informations about products/services to persuade or influence their audiences/followers which impact their purchasing behaviour.

Social media influencers are content creators and they build community of like minded people called followers over a period of time which is mutually rewarding for both of them.

Brands partner with social media influencers to expand their marketing reach and obtain the benefit of a ready-made large target audiences. Social media influencers are paid by brands based on the content type, category of the influencer, length of campaign and followers size.

To become a successful social media influencers one must have-

  • A large interested audience in your niche
  • A unique marketable content offering
  • A transparent and trustworthy approach

Brands are fond of social media influencers because they are economical and can create craze by encouraging their fan followers to buy products they promote.

There are four types of influencers categorised by follower counts

By Types of content or platform


Blogging is the vital and integral part of influencer marketing nowadays . Internet is flooded with many influential blogs. Any famous blogger’s genuine recommendation and positive mention about a product leads to his/her supporters demanding to explore the same.

You Tubers

In addition to blogs, most sought after content is video. YouTube influencers are capable of enticing big number of followers (called subscribers) and get millions of video views by making content which is educational, informative, appealing and hilarious.


Video and photo sharing app Instagram, having over one billion active users, is one of the most popular social network for brands to promote influencer marketing campaigns. Influencers on Instagram create amazing, inspiring and impressive posts related to different products/services for their intended niche audiences.


Snapchat, having over 500 million active users , has undoubtedly become very prominent social media platform for teenagers, millennials and Genz. Snapchat influencers make creative, exclusive and authentic contents pertaining to various aspects of their lives which are viewed by large number of their fan followers.


Podcasting is a comparatively new form of online content that is gaining popularity. It has become very common and widely known names now. A Podcast is a thematic series of digital audio files available on the internet for downloading which influencers create for their users to listen conveniently.


Tik Tok is explosively growing social media platform for short-form videos upto three minutes long. A TikTok influencer because of absolute social proof and huge following base, can generate some big trend for brands. If your business target audiences specifically are Gen Z (between 6 and 24 years old ), Tiktokkers can help promote and sell products for brands in the field of health , fashion , fitness and cosmetics.

Social media influencers are trend setters, having phenomenal power to alter and change consumer decision making, catalysing business development by driving engagements. People trust social media influencers more than traditional celebrities because they are more relatable and so in great demand now.

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