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An influencer is a social media personality who has the ability to alter, influence, affect opinion or purchasing decisions and behaviour of others due to the rapport and trust with his/her followers.

Influencer marketing is a type of digital media marketing that uses social media platforms by influencers in different fields to endorse products and services to a larger market. Influencer marketing gives massive advantage to brands in order to reach influencer’s loyal fan followings faster.

An influencer marketing platform is a place where large network of influencers across varying industries and categories connect with marketers or brands to boost brand awareness campaigns.

Using influencer marketing platform, brands can easily discover and connect with the desired influencers as per their niche in order to target consumers. Besides this, influencer marketing platform also assists and supports brands to develop and conceptualize endorsement campaigns, evaluate the engagements and monitor ROI.

An influencer who has expertise in a particular brand’s field clearly has big number of followers which can have your target audiences also. By working with them, a brand can increase their reach, drive campaigns, meet objectives and goals, and even widen audiences further. Brands get several benefits by working with influencer network leading to more consumer awareness.

When an influencer joins the influencer marketing platform, he/she gets to work with a team of creative marketing professionals and brands to create the best and result-orientated successful campaigns. You have access to good number of opportunities to collaborate with the leading brands in your niche with the help of platform and influencer network.

Celebrity endorsement is all about using the fame and popularity of the celebrity to promote brand’s product whereas influencer marketing uses social media influencers who have expertise in their niche to alter/impact the purchasing decision of their followers.

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective and time saving solution that brings greater returns as compared to other digital marketing strategies. It’s been proven to outperform other types of traditional marketing ads.

As such there is no minimal criteria but you should have a large enough audience and followers to make a visible impact with your content. Impact is measured primarily in engagements.

Strict FTC regulations and fake Influencers accounts are two main risk factors in this industry.

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