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Compensation Policy

FameNet business model is exclusive and different from rest of influencer marketing platforms and so is our compensation programme for our influencers.

Compensating Influencer depends on a multitude of factors like

  • Type of Influencer
  • Influencer marketing budget
  • Type of content
  • Engagement ratio and so on

Our compensation policies are as follows

  • Brands will pay to all influencers a flat fee for a single post on our platform.
  • In general, payments to influencers are made for their successful campaign posting within 30-60 days of submission of their post. This much time is needed by the brands to perform due diligence on completed campaigns.
  • Posting of the campaigns on social media should be as per brands guidelines to receive the associated incentives.
  • FameNet is an intermediary platform that connects influencers with brands. So all payments to influencers of FameNet will be routed through us.

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