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About Company

FameNet was founded in 2021 by an international group of experts, data scientists, and blockchain programmers to create an ecosystem (Fame Infinity Ltd.) consisting of several digital marketplace and platforms which are predicated on AI-driven blockchain technology that provides complete decentralized services. Our purpose is limitless, aiming to bring our platform in front of the entire globe.

Privacy breach, personal data theft, and fake digital identities are major concernsin this social and community based world, so it needs more and exceptional attention. The whole internet world is still a huge centralized place having a dominance of few corporate giant companies.

The growing demand of blockchain technology during the last ten years contributed towards the development of an increasing number of decentralised platforms which are driven and controlled barely by platform creaters and considerably through community participation and efforts.

The core issues of centralised business entities are of data safety, security and privacy in today’s world and there is no transparency and answer about the ownership of your data. Evidently, this data is used, analysed for marketing, advertising and to forecast future behaviours with controversial intentions .

As the famous saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention”,  therefore, to address the issues of data ownership, protection and privacy, the birth and evolution of decentralisation process took place.

Decentralisation of digital platforms are necessary because it supports

Trustless system

Trust in organisations are all time low now. Most of us are nowadays skeptical about sharing sensitive personal informations and data with centrally owned authority. People are prone to data theft and privacy issues. Decentralisation resolves trust issues.

Low risk of systemic failure

Decentralised platforms are community driven, so very low risk of its failure.

No censorship

Each community members can share and express his/her views without any censorship.

Decentralized Data Platforms use blockchain technology which permit a secure and smooth data exchange transaction between the parties involved without divulging their identities. Owners and team management of Fame Infinity Ltd. are firm believer of decentralized system and see this as a great opportunity and future in providing several technological solutions.

Our decentralised protocols eliminate the requirement of intermediaries during transactions, which to a greater extent democratise our platforms for the mutual benefits of creators and participants. More transparent and trust-less output can be obtained faster by decentralising the management of and access to various resources.

Promoting and implementing decentralisation in various aspects of our business models will -

Provide more transparent environment

Reduce the fear of hackers

Optimize resource distribution

Improve data reconciliation

Help data privacy and protection

About Team

"Created by us, driven by community"

This is the ultimate ethos of FameNet (owned by Fame Infinity Ltd) creaters. We are an upcoming ecosystem of decentralised and democratic digital platforms, converging the innovations brought by the future of internet web 3.0.

These days, decentralized business entities are sought after as a way to safeguard one’s privacy against the pervasive surveillance of central authorities in power.

Nevertheless, the Fame Infinity ecosystem comprises digital goods and services that deliver numerous platforms free of any central corporate control.  For this pursuit, all users and customers’ activities and transactions on our platforms are protected and kept secret, retaining their anonymity.

We are not divulging or disclosing our team members identities and informations here because of our decentralised and disruptive nature of business in order to protect their privacy and confidentiality against surveillance of centralised agency.

We are a team of energetic, enthusiastic, expert, disciplined and dedicated professionals who created Fame Infinity ecosystem to educate, empower, equip, enrich and uplift the world’s population. This hi-tech, revolutionary digital ecosystem can change people’s lives and empower them to learn, earn, grow, progress and transform each other’s lives by building robust community.

Certificate of Incorporation

A certificate of incorporation or Articles of incorporation is a legal document/license relating to the formation of a company or corporation. In Marshall Islands the certificate of incorporation forms a major constituent part of the constitutional documents of the corporation. It is a document produced by a newly organized corporate entity and submitted to a state office for registration purposes and this document officially indicates the company's existence. Famenet digital platform is a wholly owned unit of Fame Infinity ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Marshall Islands Company House Authority under firm reference number 112027. This information can be verified on the Company House website. Fame Infinity Ltd is duly registered in Marshall Islands via reference No. 112027.

Security Partner

Our data protection and privacy features will give you complete peace of mind