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Many advertising agencies and brands have identified the potential of performing influencer marketing with the added layer of assurance that data insights provide.

Famenet helps brands to run impactful, ROI driven and scalable influencer marketing campaigns by offering them -

Impeccable influencer discovery

Our advanced AI Technology lets you find influencers across any industry globally. We have one of the largest database of influencers that you can search from and shortlist your influencers using our advanced filters and discover influencers based on their age, gender, location, interests, engagement rate, brand affinities and content.

Accurate real-time data

We give you access to trustworthy and reliable influencer data which allows you to manage transparency with a large global team using team-collaboration and sharing. Our end-to-end AI software keeps everyone in the loop at all times so that the team can maximise its productivity.

Expert campaign strategy

We design a tailored influencer marketing strategy based on brand needs and in-depth competition analysis to boost engagement and close more deals.

Analytic tools to measure and report campaign ROI

You can create and export customised reports with data that matters most.

Global platform and payments

Our intuitive modular user interface helps you reach, engage and pay all kind of influencers around the world.

Instant fraud detection

We help you spot and avoid influencers with fake followers and engagements. Gain full transparency by getting everything you need to find fake performance trends and anomalies.

Famenet’s end-to-end Influencer Marketing Platform helps brands to manage and execute powerful and successful global campaigns by amplifying their content creation using our customised AI based data driven technology.

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