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Brand Safety Policy

“Brand Safety” can be defined as as the controls that companies in the digital advertising supply chain use to protect brands against negative impacts on consumer opinion associated with specific types of content and/or related loss of return on investment.

FameNet is fully committed to providing a brand-safe marketplace that advertisers can experience and trust. We have a multi-layered approach to ensure the safety and quality of our campaign delivery.

We make reasonable endeavors to minimize the risk of ad misplacement on its properties and platforms.

The processes that form the basis of these endeavors are outlined below -

Strict vetting process

We are protective of our premium marketplace and therefore publishers/agencies/brands have to be vetted thoroughly in order to be eligible to join our platform.

Prohibited content

The below-listed content categories are prohibited across third-party applications where adverts are served. Any sites/campaigns identified across these content categories are blocked and added to a blacklist.

  • Offensive Language
  • Adult Content
  • Hate Speech
  • Illegal Downloads/Streaming
  • Drugs Rating
  • Violence
  • Adware/Malware

Anti-piracy commitment

We support the ad industry fight against ad-supported piracy which pose serious brand safety issues and financial losses to advertisers.

Takedown policy

In the rare scenario that we are alerted to a misplaced ad campaign, once notified by the agency or advertiser, we will pause the campaign until the issue has been resolved. We operate a takedown policy to remove delivery across such content within one business day of written communication.

Anti-fraud policy

All publishers with suspicious activity above a threshold are removed from campaigns. By working with pre-vetted inventory and/or trusted inventory sellers only, FameNet lowers the risk for ad fraud.

Security Partner

Our data protection and privacy features will give you complete peace of mind